USDA Addresses Plastic Contamination in US Cotton

New Codes for Plastic found in Cotton Samples Plastic contamination in US-grown cotton is a significant issue throughout the supply chain, and the USDA has taken an initial step aimed at addressing this problem. The agency is implementing a new pair of extraneous matter codes for levels of plastic contaminants found in cotton samples.  The […]

Purification Made Simple

After cotton is harvested from the fields and is initially cleaned in the ginning process, it must be further cleaned and prepared for its use in the production of nonwoven and unspun applications. The processes for this stage of cleaning typically involve further mechanical cleaning to remove finer pieces of stem, stalk, and leaf and […]

Extraneous Matter in US Cotton

As the appeal  of more natural products continues to grow around the world, demand for US grown cotton leads the way.  With that growing demand, however, comes responsibility. Responsibility means continuing to provide the world’s premium cotton.  US cotton growers have long prided themselves as offering the first fruits of a world class supply chain, […]

The Journey of Cotton: An Introduction

Today we’re excited to announce a new blog series from Barnhardt Manufacturing Company entitled “The Journey of Cotton.” This series will focus on the seven unique steps that it takes to process cotton, starting with the planting of the crop to the point it becomes a specific consumer product. To kick off this new series, […]