Three Products Perfectly Suited for Organic Cotton

Though organic cotton has a long way to go before it replaces conventional cotton, it’s been riding the organic wave that was started in the fruit and vegetable section of your local grocery store. While consumers mostly come into contact with organic cotton in their clothing, organic cotton is slowly moving into the consumer products […]

Why Purified Cotton Is So Popular in Baby Products

Purified Cotton in Baby Products

All over the world, mothers of newborns are very sensitized to the ingredients being used in anything they use with their babies, whether it’s the food and formula they consume, the soaps and lotions they use to keep their babies clean and soft, or other baby products like diapers and wipes.

Domestic and Global Cotton Markets: Economic Outlook 2nd Quarter 2018

Domestic and Global Cotton Markets: Economic Outlook 2nd Quarter 2018

As cotton gins across America finish  ginning the last of the 2017 crop, they have ginned almost 19.5 million bales compared to 16 million at this point last year.  Without exception, each of the 10 classing offices across the country have classed more cotton than a year ago. Even with the impact of Hurricane Harvey, […]

What Is “Fast Fashion,” and How Does It Impact Us?

fast fashion | Robin Report | Barnhardt Cotton | Purified Cotton

This past summer we read an excellent article on The Robin Report entitled “Preference for Polyester May Make Fast Fashion Brands Vulnerable,” and here at Barnhardt Purified Cotton we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it. While the article was written by James Pruden, the Senior Director of Public Relations for Cotton Incorporated, the […]

Why Organic Cotton?

why organic cotton

The movement toward organic products has gained significant traction in the food market, and it’s now gaining traction in additional markets, too; just look at apparel, as well as everyday items like wipes and hygiene products. So why is there a renewed interest in organic products now?

Barnhardt 3rd Quarter 2017 Cotton Report

The cotton market has experienced some short-term upheaval with Hurricane Harvey impacting south Texas and Louisiana, and then Hurricane Irma impacting parts of the southeastern U.S. While the impact to the citizens of Houston and other areas in south Texas has been horrendous, the impact to the overall U.S. cotton crop has, to this point, […]

Sustainability: Cotton LEADS Update

u.s. grown cotton

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group is an active partner of the Cotton LEADS™ program, which only reinforces our commitment to responsibly produced cotton throughout the cotton life cycle. We are joined by over 460 other global leaders throughout the cotton supply chain, including companies like Target, Kohl’s, Brooks Brothers, and, the latest member, Hugo Boss. The […]

Why Cotton, Now?

Inscription hygiene

Cotton has been around for a very long time—thousands of years, actually. While cotton was grown and used for fabrics dating back as far as 5500 BC in the Indus Valley region of Asia, cotton fabric dating to 5000 BC has also been found in Mexico. As far as cotton closer to home, it’s believed […]

​Answering All of Your Cotton Biodegradability Questions

biodegradable cotton

Though “biodegradable” is a widely used term, there are many misconceptions about what it actually means. First, let’s start with the basics: biodegradability refers to the chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria or other biological means. Here’s another way to approach this concept: nature can biodegrade everything it makes back to its basic building blocks. […]