Sustainability: Cotton LEADS Update

u.s. grown cotton

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group is an active partner of the Cotton LEADS™ program, which only reinforces our commitment to responsibly produced cotton throughout the cotton life cycle. We are joined by over 460 other global leaders throughout the cotton supply chain, including companies like Target, Kohl’s, Brooks Brothers, and, the latest member, Hugo Boss. The […]

Why Cotton, Now?

Inscription hygiene

Cotton has been around for a very long time—thousands of years, actually. While cotton was grown and used for fabrics dating back as far as 5500 BC in the Indus Valley region of Asia, cotton fabric dating to 5000 BC has also been found in Mexico. As far as cotton closer to home, it’s believed […]

​Answering All of Your Cotton Biodegradability Questions

biodegradable cotton

Though “biodegradable” is a widely used term, there are many misconceptions about what it actually means. First, let’s start with the basics: biodegradability refers to the chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria or other biological means. Here’s another way to approach this concept: nature can biodegrade everything it makes back to its basic building blocks. […]

2nd Qtr. 2017 Cotton Economic Forecast

Barnhardt Cotton discusses the 2017 Cotton Economic Forecast

Thus far in 2017, cotton prices have increased versus year ago or even two years ago prices, but are very comparable to 2014 prices. So the question becomes, why have cotton prices increased in 2017? As is usually the case, the answer comes back to supply and demand, or is it supply and perceived demand? […]

Deceptive Marketing: Is Cotton Really In the Products You’re Buying?

Today we’ll point out some specific examples of misleading marketing jargon that targets cotton products, and touch on the ethical dilemma this creates. With cotton’s consumer-preferred status, it’s obvious why some non-cotton product manufacturers have no problem with consumers making the assumption that cotton exists in their products.

What Is In My Tampon?

Women Body Care Tampon Cotton Hygiene | Barnhardt Cotton

Consumer product purchases usually require minimal thought beyond a sense of “running out” and a need to replenish. The more specific the need, for example, feminine hygiene products, the more factors enter into the purchasing decision, factors such as reliability, protection and discretion, together with perceptions of safety, convenience and comfort. Brand loyalty is strong […]

Why Cotton Works Best for Single-Use Esthetic Wipes

purified cotton for single use esthetic wipes

For estheticians, single-use cotton wipes are used for skin care all the time. Some women even use them at home to remove make-up. These wipes can be pre-saturated with solution, or they can remain dry. Though there are many options when it comes to cotton wipes, today we wanted to focus on why the natural […]

Why Purified Cotton™ Makes More Sense for Adult Incontinence Products

purified cotton for single use esthetic wipes

Most men and women have grown up wearing 100% cotton undergarments. The comfort of Purified Cotton™ has been associated with delicate skin uses for a long time because of the soft texture, breathability, and reduced risk of skin irritation. Research conducted by Cotton Incorporated demonstrates that consumers prefer cotton over all other synthetic choices in […]

Once Again, Research Shows Cotton Is Consumer-Preferred


While we’re certainly making plenty of contributions to the Internet’s ever-growing library of cotton information, we’re still always keeping an eye out for other articles extolling the benefits of cotton. From Cotton Inc. to Cotton Grower, there are a variety of resources we rely on to stay abreast of cotton trends. So imagine our surprise […]