What Is Organic Cotton? Organic Cotton Facts You Need to Know

What is Organic Cotton? Organic Cotton Facts You Need To Know

More and more in the marketplace, consumers see a variety of cotton products across multiple product categories. In the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in products marketed as made with organic cotton. Since cotton is a natural fiber, what makes organic cotton any different? Here are the facts about organic cotton that you need […]

What Determines the Quality of Cotton for Nonwoven Manufacturers?

Quality for Nonwoven Manufacturers

In one of our articles from this past summer, we discussed several influences on the price of cotton worldwide, including the commodities markets and several factors related to the grading and classification of cotton based on quality. Among the factors considered for measuring quality and determining class in a universal sense that’s unbiased by the […]

Extraneous Matter in US Cotton

Extraneous Matter in US Cotton

As the appeal  of more natural products continues to grow around the world, demand for US grown cotton leads the way.  With that growing demand, however, comes responsibility. Responsibility means continuing to provide the world’s premium cotton.  US cotton growers have long prided themselves as offering the first fruits of a world class supply chain, […]