US Cotton Industry Implements 10-Year Sustainability Plan

The cotton industry in the United States, led by trade groups like National Cotton Council of America, Cotton USA, and Cotton Incorporated, is implementing a 10-year sustainability plan with support across the supply chain from producers, ginners, warehousers, merchants, cottonseed crushers, cooperatives, and manufacturers like Barnhardt.

Economic Recap: 2018 Cotton Crop Outlook & Market Prices

Cotton Economic Report 2018 Q2 Recap

As is always the case with a natural product such as cotton, there are important times during the growing season that will determine the outcome of the crop. In many areas of the country, the blooms are on the plant, meaning that the cotton boll will soon appear. Some areas of the US are still […]

Market Focus: the Trade War and the Global Cotton Market

Market Focus: the Trade War and the Global Cotton Market

How Will Tariffs Affect Cotton Worldwide? In a recent piece for Cotton Incorporated, senior economist Jon Devine outlined the current supply and demand factors for the global cotton trade, defining qualities of multi-year markets. Devine correctly notes that any discussion of the global cotton market, with regard to supply and demand, must start with China. […]

USDA Addresses Plastic Contamination in US Cotton

USDA Addresses Plastic Contamination in US Cotton

New Codes for Plastic found in Cotton Samples Plastic contamination in US-grown cotton is a significant issue throughout the supply chain, and the USDA has taken an initial step aimed at addressing this problem. The agency is implementing a new pair of extraneous matter codes for levels of plastic contaminants found in cotton samples. ┬áThe […]

China Shuts Down Polyester Plants, Industry Sees Ripple Effect

China is shutting down polyester plants

As part of an unprecedented crackdown on pollution from its manufacturing sector, the Chinese government has shut down nearly 40 percent of its manufacturing facilities nationwide, with a heavy impact on the textiles industry. The pollution reduction program, initiated in 2016, has applied fines and criminal charges, as well as shutdown orders, to more than […]