Manufacturers Turn to Natural Fibers to Meet Demand for Sustainability in Wipes

Manufacturers Turn to Natural Fibers to Meet Demand for Sustainability in Wipes

As with many businesses, the wipes sector is facing challenges on multiple fronts. Of particular concern for many discerning consumers and environmentally-focused companies is how the industry is striving to become more sustainable. Global brands and private label manufacturers are developing new products to meet new sustainability and biodegradability demands by consumers and government agencies. […]

Purification Made Simple

Purification Made Simple

After cotton is harvested from the fields and is initially cleaned in the ginning process, it must be further cleaned and prepared for its use in the production of nonwoven and unspun applications. The processes for this stage of cleaning typically involve further mechanical cleaning to remove finer pieces of stem, stalk, and leaf and […]

Meet the Barnhardt Purified Cotton™ Symbol

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In Spring 2015, we launched a public education campaign to call out questionable claims being made by synthetic fibers. We realized that the marketplace had gotten confusing for consumers of personal care, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence products. Consumers want all natural products, and they also want those products to be safe and pure. Although […]

Purified Cotton Outperforms Greige and Raw Cotton in Lab Study

In a recent study on the pharmaceutical properties of cotton, samples were submitted to an independent U.S. laboratory for microbial analysis. A Total Microbial Plate Count and a Mold/Yeast Analysis were prepared for samples of Raw, Greige and Purified cotton. All results were measured in Colony Forming Units per gram.

Understanding the USP’s Role in Cotton Fiber Purification

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Barnhardt Purified Cotton = USP Purified Cotton. At Barnhardt, we go to great lengths to ensure we provide purified cotton fiber of the highest order. By removing as much foreign matter as humanly possible (raw cotton comes with its fair share of field trash), we ensure a final product that meets the highest standards of  quality. Of course, […]

Our Full BioPreferred® Breakdown

Recently, we wrote about our Needle-Eze product receiving permission to use the USDA’s Biobased Product Label for our organic cotton. We wanted to make sure you were aware of all of our offerings, since we have a handful of products that qualify for this distinction. First, let’s discuss BioPreferred® in a little more detail.

Creative Ways to Grow Your Business with a New Fiber Supplier

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Growing your business means never standing pat, especially in the consumer goods industry. Companies are constantly coming up with innovative products that disrupt the market. While your products and services might stand as mainstays today, if you don’t always keep an eye on the horizon, it’s easy to become yesterday’s news.

5 Examples of Disruptive Innovation

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Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen coined the term “disruptive innovation” with his book The Innovator’s Dilemma in 1997. According to his website, disruptive innovation “describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.” Within the nonwoven and […]