Sustainability: Renewability of Cotton and Rayon [Infographic]

While we often talk about cotton’s advantages over rayon, today we wanted to focus specifically on the subject of renewability when discussing the two fibers. While many people know that cotton is natural and rayon is synthetic, what flies under the radar is how different their life cycles actually are.

While a cotton plant has an eight- to nine-month renewable life cycle, rayon takes 15 to 20 years to grow. Why is there such a disparity? Because the trees used to produce rayon must be mature. So, if you’re keeping count, that means during the same time it takes for the trees targeted for rayon to grow, 15 to 20 cotton crops have been harvested. That’s a significance difference.

Below we’ve utilized an infographic to illustrate this difference further. Sometimes we like to go lighter on the words and just show you, plainly, cotton’s advantages. At the end of the day, seeing is believing.

Cotton vs. Rayon Infographic

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