For Cotton In Femcare, It’s A Matter Of Trust

Feminine Care

For femcare, products must carry with them a sense of trust. Without that, any feminine hygiene product will fall by the wayside immediately. Purified cotton, over time, has garnered that trust from women. This starts with using Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) cotton, since that means that no bacteria or fungi are present in the fiber. And […]

When It Comes To Diapers, You Can Count On Cotton

Mother with baby

When you talk about baby diapers, the subject invariably turns to cotton. Why? First of all, cotton has been trusted for usage in diapers for hundreds of years, and customers prefer it. With customers always having the final say, we could pretty much end this conversation there.

After VISION, Our Eyes Remain Focused On Cotton Innovation

vision logo

Represented by Garland Green, Rick Wright, and George Hargrove, Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group attended the VISION Conference in Dallas, Texas, which was sponsored by sponsored by INDA. As a company we couldn’t have been more excited to attend, and we definitely left feeling like we had learned a ton.

Barnhardt Heads To Texas for 13th VISION Conference

vision logo

Barnhardt is excited to announce that we’ll be heading to Dallas, TX next week for the 13th annual VISION Consumer Products Conference. Taking place from January 27-30, this conference kicks off the event season for the nonwovens industry in grand style.

Announcing Our HyDri™ Trial Results

Fabric after hydroentangling

In September, Barnhardt Manufacturing’s Director of Product Development Chuck Allen traveled to Andritz Perfojet in Montbonnot, France for our HyDri™ trial results. Andritz Perfojet is one of the two major manufacturers of turn-key hydroentangling lines. While there are currently 180 Perfojet hydroentangling lines in operation worldwide, in France they also have a state-of-the-art, 0.5 meter-wide pilot […]

Recent Test Results On Cotton Compostability


One question we often get about some of our products is regarding cotton compostability. In an effort to shed a light—albeit a somewhat technical one—on cotton’s biodegradability, we wanted to share the results of a test that was conducted in 2010.

Cotton Fiber Is GMO-Free After Scouring And Bleaching

Cotton growing in the wild.

We’ll start with the statement that ultimately came from our 2002 position paper on genetically modified cotton: Independent laboratory tests show that after scouring/bleaching there are no GM/transgenic proteins present in processed GM cotton and as such it is indistinguishable from processed non-GM cotton.

Cotton’s Simple Supply Chain

cotton production map

First off, we hope you’ve taken the time to check out the Sustainability page we recently created for our new site. Not only is this page a wealth of cotton sustainability information, but we also made sure to cover all of you visual learners out there with a few infographics that provide quick snapshots of […]

There’s Simply No Doubt: Cotton Is Consumer-Preferred

seal of cotton

Really, there’s no way to overstate the importance of the Seal of Cotton. Consumers associate the famous logo with extremely high quality and exceptional comfort. And the beauty of cotton is that it’s a true example of a product—or in this case, a fiber used in a myriad of products used on a daily basis—where […]