Organic HyDri® UltraClean®

Revolutionary Soft Purified Hydrophobic Cotton

Organic HyDri UltraClean product sheet An innovative solution for moisture management applications, Organic HyDri® UltraClean® allows nonwoven fabric producers to design fabrics that manage and control moisture while providing the comfort of cotton against the skin. Organic HyDri® UltraClean® cotton is the first purified cotton that provides natural fiber softness that also remains dry next to the skin. A perfect alternatives to replace synthetic fibers commonly used in personal care and hygiene products today. Organic HyDri® UltraClean® cotton is processed through Barnhardt’s EVŌC system (Enhanced Visual, Opening, Cleaning System).


  • High quality, USA grown, long staple fiber
  • Hydrophobic performance – does not hold moisture in order to remain dry against the skin
  • A natural, safe alternative for hygiene applications
  • Blends well with other fibers
  • Oleophilic (oil-loving)
  • Can meet all USP/EP/JP and pharmacopoeia standards for purified cotton

Recommended Applications